Who We Are

Manjgura d.o.o. is a public relations agency covering all types of communication services since 1997, a time when the term PR was a distant, foreign word. Our experience gained in the front rows of the battlefield is readily made available to management teams of companies and organisations, offering them concrete solutions for all business challenges. We are the market leaders when it comes to innovativeness, expertise and decisiveness, and our actions improve the culture of successful communications, setting high professional standards. We specialise in strategic communication management, and our signature can be recognised in many successful projects in Croatia and neighbouring countries.

And, just in case you were wondering, manjgura means little girl in Dubrovnik dialect. It’s an unusual name and absolutely irresistible.

Our team of experts

  • Krešimir Macan

    General Manager

    Respected Croatian PR expert specialising in crisis communication, strategic communication in politics and social media, founder of Manjgura. Krešo brings more than 20 years of experience in communication management to each and every campaign. He led public relations and communications for numerous domestic and international investments, successfully worked on many election campaigns in Croatia and the region, and also built the reputation of numerous domestic brands.

    He is recognised as an international election advisor and certified CIPR lecturer specialised for the area of political communications, media relations and crisis communications. He has been in public relations since 1991, when, during the Homeland War, he worked as the Chief of staff of the Ministry of information of the Republic of Croatia(1991) and later as the Head of the Information department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1995). He was the author or team member of many promotional and PR campaigns organised by the Croatian National Television (HRT) or the Government of the Republic of Croatia (let them hear, opening of national highways etc…).

    In 1998, Croatia’s most influential media, Croatian radio television, hired Kresimir as their first director of Corporate communications and spokesperson. By mid-2003, he was appointed Communications Advisor to the Prime Minister of Croatia, with the aim of improving the Government’s communications. From 2004 until 2008 he was the executive director of Madison Consulting, Croatian PR agency that recorded a significant business development in that particular period.
    He is a member of the Croatian Association of Public Relations, Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and the European Association of Political Communicators.

  • Katarina Leko

    Executive Director

    Together with Kresimir, Katarina sets and implements the strategic plan of the agency’s business operations, develops new services and she is responsible for the strategic placement of the agency’s projects. She leads teams that manage communication strategies of large and mid-sized clients in the food and pharmaceutical industry as well as tourism, energy and public administration sectors. She develops communication strategies and campaigns and is especially well versed in crisis communication and large investment projects, and they are the reason why she came to work for Manjgura.

    Katarina shares her experience gained in a 13-year career and love for the written word with her younger colleagues and associates, being a hard-working mentor in all the challenges they may face. As a social network aficionado since the time when Facebook was still in diapers, she invests her time and energy in projects that require short, clear and “to the point” communication. This is no surprise if we know she started her career in various newsrooms during her days in the Faculty of journalism.

    She gained her agency experience upon deciding on pursuing her career in PR in Spona komunikacije, where she handled clients from pharmaceutical and health industry as well as environmental protection and civil engineering sector, specialising, among other things, in socially responsible business practices.

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    Katarina Leko
  • Gordan Turković


    Thanks to his experience in both regional and domestic election campaigns, Gordan is well known from Vardar to Triglav for his ability to turn political messages into votes. Because of his methodical approach, work dedication and extraordinary organisational skills, he is a role model for all younger colleagues in the office. When you combine this with his experience, diploma in politology and background in working with international organisations, you have a consultant in your political campaign that really knows what he’s talking about. He is in charge of developing campaign strategies a well as their implementation and coordination. When he’s not out in the field with one of his candidates, he helps his clients from various industries overcome everyday communication challenges and crises and promote their successful projects.

    Before coming to Manjgura in 2011, Gordan was an intern in the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Zagreb in departments for return and reintegration and public relations and also worked as a journalist for MediaScan. He holds a postgraduate degree in Regional comparative studies of Mid and Southeast Europe from the Faculty of political sciences in Zagreb.

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    Gordan Turković
  • Katja Vretenar

    Junior Consultant

    Katja came to Manjgura as an intern during her student days and in the meantime, she advanced to become a junior consultant advising clients in the corporate sector, especially in the food and farmaceutical industry. Since her interests are now expanding into many different fields, she often tackles communication challenges in local self-governing units. She also follows all online trends and handles social network advertising for most of her clients.

    She is full of ideas and it is a joy to watch them turn into great campaigns, she channels her creativity through words and photography which is also her hobby. As curious as she is, she knows how to ask the right questions and give her analytical contribution to the development of successful communication strategies.

    She is in charge of creating media material, following and analysis of media and assists in event preparation for numerous clients. She majored in journalism at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb so the development of documents and texts represents a break from multitasking on her various other assignments.

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    Katja Vretenar
  • Andreja Merkaš

    Office Manager

    Here in Manjgura we like to say that the position of an office manager is always reserved for the heart and soul of our team, a person that makes sure everything runs smoothly. Our Andreja not only has the answers to all questions of administrative nature, she is also a calming factor in our dynamic agency environment.

    This cheerful and communicative young lady is the first face you will see once you walk into our office and she will always give you the right information and direct you towards a consultant that will meet all your needs. Good organisation is the way to avoid unnecessary stress, that’s a fact Andreja is very aware of since she has more than 10 years of experience in running an office for various organisations. That is why she is confident and relaxed in everyday contact with domestic and foreign business partners and clients. But that is not all, our office manager has first-hand knowledge on running large client accounts since she helped all our account managers in developing budgets for their projects and was very involved in the organisation of demanding events.

  • Andrej Štimec

    Web Developer and Traffic Manager

    With more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry, Andrej’s task in Manjgura is to program, set up and maintain web pages for clients and companies and implement various online and social network projects and campaigns. He knows a lot about many things, from servers to network configurations, working in programs such as Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw etc. We have to point out his special investigative interest: broadband in a sociological sense and its effect on society, especially when it comes to its effect on advertising and global liberalisation.

    Before he joined Manjgura, Andrej worked for Optima Telekom as a product development expert and support in the development of technical solutions for large business users, he was also a manager in RedTelecom and owner of a design and advertising company Taurus. From 1995 until 1999 he sailed across the Mediterranean as a skipper and sailing instructor.