How to create a quality LinkedIn post

Find out how and when to publish on LinkedIn and who Croatian LinkedIn influencers are

You’re already a LinkedIn user or you’ve just heard of this increasingly popular social network? LinkedIn is a business platform for career development and connecting with professionals or future employers, but also a great marketing tool that was until recently too neglected. Statistics say that as many as 14.3% of people over the age of 18 have a LinkedIn profile, and with over 790 million users it is one of the fastest-growing social networks in the world. At the end of January, Dragan Petric published his research on LinkedIn, which shows that the number of open LinkedIn profiles in Croatia exceeded 752,000, 11% more than last year. In the sea of users on social networks, you need to be intelligent and resourceful to stand out and achieve your goal.

To make the most of all the benefits that this network offers, it is important to understand how LinkedIn works. Social networks rarely reveal the secrets of their algorithms, but there are guidelines on how to reach the desired audience and achieve the desired reach.

At the end of 2021, the LinkedIn Algorithm Report 2021 was published, which makes it easier for everyone to create a good and quality post.

Remember these four tips and remember them every time you write a new post:
1. Create quality content!
2. Increase Dwell Time (don’t worry, we’ll explain)!
3. Encourage followers to interact!
4. Be as active as possible!

These tips are interrelated and complementary. Let’s explain them a little better now!

What is it and why is it so important to create interesting content?

What’s interesting to someone’s audience doesn’t have to be interesting to yours. It is important to understand what your audience is most interested in because the goal is for your followers to stay on the post as long as possible, to make the post so interesting that they will read the whole text. Dwell time monitors and shows how long followers have had an open post on their screens and whether they have clicked “See more” below the first three post lines. Fun fact – clicking on “See more” is a more powerful tool for interaction than liking! Therefore, the text of the post should not be too short and it is recommended that the post has between 1200 and 2000 characters.

Why is it important to encourage your followers to interact?

The post is first shown on the feed of your friends and followers, and its further success depends on their interaction. Did you know that surveys, documents, and photos have the greatest reach on LinkedIn? Surveys have as much as 450%, documents 250%, and photo posts 150% more reach than other content. Try including them in your LinkedIn routine!

Another interesting fact – LinkedIn likes posts without links the most! But what if you want LinkedIn users to be redirected to your website or another social network?

There are three possibilities:
• put a link in the original post although the reach will be smaller
• initially publish without a link and subsequently edit the publication and add a link
• put a link in the first comment below the post

If you thought you were going to avoid the famous hashtags on LinkedIn – you were wrong! As on almost all social networks, they are the #MustHave of every cleverly created and quality post. However, that doesn’t mean you need to overdo it with quantity and throw in hashtags for everything that comes to mind. It is ideal to include three to five hashtags in the post text. With carefully selected hashtags, you can reach a new audience, and using your own, specific hashtags increases interaction and builds community.


Comment, comment, and comment! Barbara Slade Jagodić taught us to help the author of the post by liking it, but by commenting we boost the reach of both the author and ourselves. In addition, commenting is great for networking and connecting with other people, as well as potential business partners or future employers.

In building community and increasing audience interaction with your post, tagging is a great idea! But there are a few things to keep in mind. If the person you tagged in the post doesn’t respond with a comment, it can negatively affect your reach. Rather, tag the person in the comment, as this will not affect whether the person responded with a comment or not.

And finally, the eternal question – when is the best time to publish on LinkedIn?

There is no golden rule and it all depends on your audience. Maja Puškarić explained in detail in her blog when it is optimal to publish a post on LinkedIn. Noon on Wednesday has been the best time to post for years, followed by Thursday and Friday. The biggest mistake is to post on a weekend afternoon or Monday. But to understand which time is most effective for you, study which type of content your audience likes the most and which posts it interacts with the most. Publish regularly, 2-5 times a week, and combine different types of content!

Apart from the already mentioned Maja, Barbara, and Dragan, the owner of the Kontra agency Ilija Brajkovic, business and leadership coach Zana Goic Petricevic, or, for example, Dario Marcac, who started taking over LinkedIn after Tik Tok and Luka Kobescak, king of Excel, will also bring you inspiration on how to do it well. On this business social network, they present and question their business experiences, encouraging followers to engage but also to share business-useful content. Take a look, it’s useful.

And don’t forget – be active!!

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