How Good an Orator Are You?

How many times before were you saying something only to figure out you had no idea what you were trying to say? It needs to be said that people often get lost in their own words. We finish our elementary schooling, and somehow they forget to teach us a very important thing – how to hold a well-argued conversation.


Activities such as debates are listed under extracurricular activities and only attended by those who are interested in them, and the truth is, everyone would find this kind of education useful. Given that we are in the PR industry, we are aware of the importance of great communication, however, we meet people every day who cannot communicate and do not understand the importance of being acquainted with the basic communication skills.

Rhetoric culture, should you adopt it, can greatly help you in your line of work, and for some people, it is an absolute necessity. Unfortunately, many people that are often in the media use the wrong words and techniques, resulting in a communication fiasco so, for instance, we have politicians that keep using empty phrases without any deeper meaning. Hence the arena in which we were supposed to witness the knowledge of smart and argumentative public speaking becomes a place where we see those things on very rare occasions.

In order to avoid situations in which the audience thinks we’re speaking Klingon and is straining itself to try and understand what we wanted to say, here are a few tips that can help you become a better orator since, as the old proverb says Poeta nascitur, orator fit (A poet is born, orators are made).

If you want to know (and we are sure you do), how to speak coherently and intelligently and present your ideas, then make sure you avoid confusing and incoherent sentences (you don’t want someone asking you what is galimatias, like our prime minister asked Stier ) with an intelligent overtone. Overtone, and nothing else. Words are important, but just imagine their importance when they are used in the right way. Become aware of it and that is your first prerequisite to becoming a master of rhetoric and not just an eloquent presenter.

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