Katarina Leko is the new General Manager of Manjgura

On January 1st 2018 Krešimir Macan was appointed a special advisor for strategic communication to the Prime Minister of the Croatian Government. Krešimir therefore withdrew from Manjgura on December 31st 2017, and will now embark to an exciting journey.

The new General Manager of Manjgura is now Katarina Leko, who has, for the past seven years managed dozens of projects from health, food and tourism sectors, as well as foreign investments projects. As one of the closest Krešimir’s associates, Katarina will continue to lead the Mangura team towards new successes.

As one of the greatest regional PR experts, Krešimir will, we are confident, continue to spread his contagious energy and selflessly share his experience for the purpose of the greater good in Croatia.

Krešo, thank you for everything and good luck!

Manjgura Team

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