Manjgura and Sales Mindset won the golden Grand PRix

Manjgura and Sales Mindset won the HUOJ Grand Prix golden award for the conference “The Wolf Strikes Again”

Ognjen Bagatin_Anamarija Hrvoić Đurić_Marja Čolak_Saša Tenodi_Dora Novak_Vedran Sorić

Ognjen Bagatin, Anamarija Hrvoić Đurić, Marja Čola, Saša Tenodi, Dora Novak, Vedran Sorić

Manjgura Agency has won the only gold among fourteen finalists at the Grand PRix of the Croatian Public Relations Association, with the conference ‘Sales Mindset: The Wolf Strikes Again’, for the client Prodajni mindset (Sales Mindset). The highest domestic recognition for communication professionals for innovation and expertise in project execution was achieved in the category of Organization and Communication of Events, with the conference held on November 17, 2023, in Zagreb. The former broker and the real Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, has shone as the main star.

His life story was filmed into a Hollywood hit with Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role, and alongside Belfort, other famous speakers from the world of business, leadership, and marketing also appeared in Zagreb. The conference “The Wolf Strikes Again” was presented as one of the most anticipated business events in the region in the last 17 years. It is also the culmination of Sales Mindset, a unique concept of events, education, and networking designed to help improve sales skills, created by experienced lecturers, communicators, and educators Saša Tenodi and Vedran Sorić, with the support of the well-known entrepreneur Ognjen Bagatin.

The challenge was to motivate people to pay for a ticket and attend our event, when there are about 20 conferences throughout the year that attract a similar audience. A strategically designed campaign for the event created organic interest from leading mainstream and business media from Croatia and the region. Due to the controversial past of the key speaker, the public was polarized, friendships were jeopardized, but, with a little risk, all achieved goals show that as a result, we have the most successful sales conference of the decade,” highlighted Anamarija Hrvoić Đurić, senior advisor of the Manjgura team, which also included advisors Marja Čolak and Dora Novak.

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Interest in the conference continues to this day, as indicated by the continuous sale of access to the conference recording, as well as efforts for Belfort to visit other cities in the region. The overarching goal – strengthening the visibility and number of members of the Sales Mindset Club – has been fully achieved. After the conference, the number of club applicants increased by as much as 140 percent, and some international corporations have also joined, offering their employees continuous education through Sales Mindset. Negotiations are also underway to position Sales Mindset on other continents.

“We are particularly pleased that the Manjgura and Sales Mindset project stood out among impressive applications of large clients and other strongly established brands and organizations. The recipe for success is a strong synergy between the client and the agency, strategic thinking, and the ability to constantly adapt on the go,” said Krešimir Macan, director and owner of Manjgura, on the occasion of winning the award.

Foto: HUOJ

“The partnership we had with Manjgura through the collaboration on the Sales Mindset project: The Wolf Strikes Again is something I have not experienced yet in organizing a conference. The Manjgura team has always been proactive, full of suggestions, and available even for tasks beyond the originally agreed scope. They led us to make the conference with Jordan Belfort one of the best PR-realized jobs ever. The Grand PRix of HUOJ is a confirmation of Manjgura’s excellence,” emphasized Ognjen Bagatin.

Foto: HUOJ



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