Manjgura Awarded Polaris Award for Political Communication in London

Katarina Leko and Gordan Turković

London, 14th March – At the award ceremony of the annual Polaris Awards for successful political communication, Zagreb PR agency Manjgura won a bronze Polaris in the category Best Overall Campaign against strong competition from election campaigns from all over the world. Manjgura was awarded for its project “How Željko Burić became the first ever re-elected Mayor in the history of Šibenik”, which highlighted the success of the election campaign for the Mayor of the City of Šibenik run in cooperation with client Željko Burić and the local HDZ Šibenik party. The Polaris Award is awarded by the European Association of Political Consultants (EAPC).

“The award from the European Association of Political Consultants is a great acknowledgment of Manjgura’s work, not only of its engagement in the award-winning project, but also of our twenty years in business and our gained experience in the field of political communication. This experience allowed us to obtain successful results in all the election campaigns we worked on during the 2017 local elections and I would particularly like to emphasize the role of our team of young communication experts, which achieves strong results in all our other projects and areas of business. Our young team was nominated in the category with experienced political consultants from all around the world, so this prestigious recognition of Manjgura’s work will put the wind in our sails with regards to future appointments,” said Katarina Leko, director of Manjgura PR Agency.

During the 2017 local elections campaigns Manjgura achieved success and reached the set goals for all its clients throughout Croatia. Apart from the successful strategy set out for this campaign, the fact that Željko Burić became the first ever re-elected Mayor of that city is of significant importance.

“This acknowledgement is evidence that effective and innovative communication projects can be achieved in Croatia too. For years, Manjgura has been advising a whole range of political candidates in Croatia and we are delighted that our work and strategic approach have been recognized by the top professionals in this business from all around the world. We would like to thank the Mayor of Šibenik, Željko Burić and his entire electoral team, who put their faith in us once again and enabled us to achieve this great election success together. The Polaris Award will certainly be a great motivation for all of us to continue our cooperation and to take on new challenges,” said Gordan Turković, Communications Consultant and head of the Political Campaigns team at Manjgura.

The submitted project was evaluated and judged worthy of the award by a jury composed of renowned international experts in the fields of political consultancy, digital marketing, public relations, media, etc.

The EAPC’s Polaris Awards is a global competition for campaigners, campaign managers, leaders and innovators, which honours exceptional work within the political communications, elections campaigning and public affairs industries. Applicants can register their campaign under 21 different categories such as social media campaigns, PR campaigns, radio campaigns, TV campaigns, press campaigns, best overall campaigns, etc. The organisers explain how Polaris is another name for the North Star, the brightest star visible in the northern hemisphere. Just as the Pole Star guided humanity for thousands of years and led many explorers and leaders to their goals, so political advisors guide the candidates, political parties, movements and leaders of today.

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