Manjgura receives prestigious Polaris Award for political communication

The 2017 electoral campaign for Šibenik Mayor, which the PR agency Manjgura ran in collaboration with its client Željko Burić and HDZ Šibenik, has won the prestigious global Polaris award for political communication. This recognition is awarded by the European Association of Political ConsultantsEAPC).

The project entitled “How Željko Burić became the first Mayor of Šibenik to be re-elected for a second term” competed for the award alongside entries from all over the world. The decision to present Manjgura with a Polaris award was taken by a jury of renowned international experts from the fields of political consultancy, digital marketing, public relations, media, direct mail, field campaigns, marketing, design and new technology development. The award is the icing on the cake following a very successful year, in which Manjgura developed a number of strategic campaigns for the 2017 local elections in Croatia that led to victories on all fronts.

“We are very proud to receive this award because it represents the professional recognition on a global scale of excellence in business. Alongside our team’s business successes in all sectors during 2017, the Polaris award further confirms that hard work and regular investments in the education and development of our staff pay off and the results of which are evident. In fact, the award-winning campaign was developed and run by an extremely young team of PR professionals that have increased their knowledge and experience at Manjgura.” said Katarina Leko, Director of the PR agency Manjgura.

“We wish to thank Željko Burić and his exceptional people in Šibenik, who, after our first successful joint campaign in 2013, put their trust in us again for the 2017 local elections. This just goes to demonstrate once more how a successful working relationship between client and agency can achieve excellent results. In 2017 Željko Burić became the first Mayor of Šibenik ever to be elected twice by the electorate of Šibenik. Other records were also broken. I’m also delighted for our young team who has been doing an incredible job for years and I believe that this award will be an incentive to be even better.” stated Gordan Turković, PR consultant and team leader for political campaigns.

The Polaris awards will be presented at the award ceremony in London on 14th March 2018 as part of the EAPC’s annual conference.

The EAPC’s Polaris Awards is a global competition for campaigners, campaign managers, leaders, innovators and exceptional work within the political communications, elections campaigning and public affairs industries. Applicants can register their campaign under 21 different categories such as social media campaigns, PR campaigns, radio campaigns, TV campaigns, press campaigns, best overall campaign, etc. The organisers explain how Polaris is another name for the North Star – the Pole Star, the brightest star visible in the northern hemisphere. Just as the Pole Star guided humanity for thousands of years and led many explorers and leaders to their goals, so political advisors guide the candidates, political parties, movements and leaders of today.

For more information about the Polaris Awards click here.


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