Manjgura’s two projects in the finals for the PR Oscars – the global IPRA Award

Manjgura finalist IPRA POLARIS

PR Agency Manjgura continues its excellent streak by placing among the finalists for prestigious industry awards, both in Croatia and abroad. After winning the HUOJ Grand Prix and placing in the finals of Polaris Awards, prestigious global competition for political communication with the project for Association of Croatian Judges, Manjgura has become a finalist for the international IPRA GWA (International Public Relations Associaton Golden World Awards) in two categories. With the submission “How We Sold the Wolf of Wall Street to the Region,” it had been shortlisted in the Event Management category, and with “Justice Served: Historic Rise of Judges’ Salaries,” in the Public Sector category.

To recall, Manjgura had won the only gold among fourteen finalists of the Croatian Public Relations Association’s Grand PRix for the ‘Sales Mindset: The Wolf Strikes Again’ conference in cooperation with Sales Mindset. This highest national recognition for communication professionals for innovation and expertise in project execution was awarded in the Event Organization and Communication category, for a conference held on November 17, 2023, in Zagreb, starring former broker and the real Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort.

Ognjen Bagatin_Anamarija Hrvoić Đurić_Marja Čolak_Saša Tenodi_Dora Novak_Vedran Sorić

Ognjen Bagatin, Anamarija Hrvoić Đurić, Marja Čolak, Saša Tenodi, Dora Novak, Vedran Sorić

Another confirmation of quality came in May, when Manjgura placed in the finals of Polaris Awards, a global competition celebrating extraordinary work in political and public sector communications. In Crisis Management/Public Sector/Public Affairs category it has been nominated for their communication support to the Association of Croatian Judges, which was one of the most challenging projects Manjgura has undertaken in recent years.  The result of this partnership is the largest (and well deserved) increase in judges’ salaries in recent history. The Polaris Awards ceremony will be held in London on June 21, 2024.

Now the third and fourth finals of this year are coming – for the IPRA GWA award, also known as a PR Oscar, the oldest global competition in the field of public relations, for both mentioned projects – the Wolf of Wall Street and the Association of Croatian Judges.

IPRA to be held in Croatia for the First Time, Manjgura as a jury host

The final judging of this year’s prestigious public relations award – IPRA GWA (International Public Relations Association Golden World Awards) will be held in Croatia for the first time, specifically in Zagreb. From July 3 to 5, 2024, the Esplanade Hotel will become the gathering center for top public relations experts from around the world. Manjgura is the host of this significant event in the world of communications this year, with its founder and director Krešimir Macan serving as a member of the IPRA GWA jury.

This represents a major success for the Croatian PR scene as Macan’s colleague Marina Bolanča Radunović from the Abeceda komunikacija agency is also a part of the jury. Based on positive past experiences, we can expect more finalists and winners from Croatia, as in previous years.

The jury consists of a total of 48 judges from around the world, and it should be noted that Macan and Bolanča will not be judges in the categories in which their agencies are finalists.

“Currently, we are receiving submissions in 38 categories, and we treat agencies and internal teams separately. Submissions are evaluated based on five criteria: problem or opportunity, research, planning, execution, and results. This year, we have entries from all over the world, from Argentina to Japan, from Croatia to Kazakhstan,” IPRA Secretary-General Philip Sheppard previously stated.

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