Writer Jan Bolić is the new Social Media Manager at Manjgura

We are thrilled to introduce our new colleague, Jan Bolić, a talented writer from Rijeka, who has joined the Manjgura team as the new Social Media Manager. Jan draws inspiration for his writing from everyday life, creating inspiring poems and prose. Through writing books and managing social media, he has acquired skills in communication and promotion, becoming an expert in digital marketing. At Manjgura, he will work on audience interaction and strategy creation, bringing a fresh outlook and creativity to the team. His enthusiasm and positive attitude will be a great asset to our agency.

Jan Bolić, a talented writer from Rijeka, who has joined Manjgura as a social media manager

We are delighted to present our new colleague, Jan Bolić, a talented writer from Rijeka and a creative enthusiast, who has joined the Manjgura team as the Social Media Manager.

Jan is someone who finds inspiration for his writing in everyday life. He sees something special in ordinary things and turns that into poetry. His poems are easy to read and inspiring, yet thought-provoking. His prose blends poetry, humor, and sarcasm, best describing him and his life. He is dedicated to writing, loves to write, and as he says: “I couldn’t imagine life without writing something down!”

Through writing books and managing his social media, Jan has gained many skills that are now extremely useful in his job. He has always presented his books to the public and worked on his personal branding by himself, despite never formally studying PR. Communication with the media and promotion via social media have become his specialty. He has realized that he is truly an expert in social media communication!

At Manjgura, Jan will work in the field of digital marketing, where we believe he can significantly contribute to the team. He will be a key link in interacting with the audience, managing social media, and creating strategies in this area. His approach to work is proactive: “This job motivates me a lot, and I will do my best to keep improving myself. I am sure that I can learn a lot from Manjgura’s team. I am ready for all the challenges that could come my way.” With his talent and passion for writing, he not only conveys brand messages on social media but also creates content that connects with Manjgura’s community on a deeper level.

Jan’s energy and positive attitude are clearly evident. He always says that miracles are possible if we believe they are. “I could not have imagined that I would work in one of the best PR agencies in Croatia,” says Jan. This position at Manjgura is Jan’s first employment, which he accepted at the invitation of the owner and general manager Krešimir Macan.

So far, Jan has written and published six books. His self-help books offer insights and practical advice on how to overcome challenges, achieve goals, and live the life we truly want to live. Through his words, readers discover the importance of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-love as key elements of personal growth. His first poetry book, “Moments” (2016), marked the beginning of his writing journey. This was followed by a collection of poetry and short notes “It Could Be Beautiful” (2017). His first crime novel, “The Weight of Reality,” was published in 2018, after which he wrote a book of short prose notes about life “The Life You Want to Live” (2020). His second crime novel, “Rats,” was published in 2022. His latest book, and currently his favorite, is “Day by Day” (2023), where he describes how he overcame fear during a severe health crisis and encourages others with his insights to find the courage to fight and win in adverse circumstances.

Jan’s presence at Manjgura brings a fresh outlook and creativity that will surely contribute to the success of our agency. Welcome, Jan! We look forward to the shared moments and challenges coming our way.

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