Croatian advertisers can now target Pinterest users in global markets

By partnering with Pinterest, Httpool by Aleph now provides the platform’s advertising solutions to its global network of clients, including Croatian advertisers targeting global markets, connecting them with highly engaged audiences.

Have you already discovered the charms of Pinterest, a platform where almost half a billion people come to for inspiration and ideas every month? We have already written about its great advertising potential, so read more in this text. However, whether you are an advertiser or a user of this “digital billboard”, the great news is coming! Httpool by Aleph and Pinterest have joined forces to enable advertisers to place ads in more than 20 markets in the EMEA region and a dozen of the largest countries on other continents.

Httpool by Aleph, a leading global enabler of digital advertising with a coverage across 50+ countries, announces an international sales partnership with Pinterest, the visual inspiration platform.

More than 460 million people come to Pinterest each month to discover products and services for their wardrobe, for their new home, for their next holiday and much more. Advertisers want to be discovered during these planning moments and there is a natural alignment with users who are actually seeking brands to inspire their next purchase. On Pinterest, advertisers can reach the consumers they care about and drive them from discovery to decision to do – all in a more positive place online.

“Pinterest is a unique, full-funnel platform where ads can be meaningful content. We’re excited about our partnership with Aleph and the value it will bring to our Pinterest users,” said Bill Watkins, Chief Revenue Officer at Pinterest. “Pinterest connects advertisers to consumers with intent and when they’re open to brands. Aleph’s broad coverage of clients across global regions will help to bring a range of new advertisers to the platform and enable us to serve more relevant ads to users when they’re looking for inspiration to take action on.” 

“We are thrilled to partner with Pinterest to help our network of 21,000 businesses drive results and growth by engaging with an audience that naturally comes to the platform to shop,” said Gaston Taratuta, Founder and CEO of Aleph. “Pinterest is a differentiated platform where users explicitly come to find something to buy or do. Our clients will now have the opportunity to drive everything from brand awareness to purchase conversions while we bring Pinterest new access to some of the fastest growing economies in the world.”

“We are delighted about this partnership with Pinterest because it presents a remarkable opportunity for Croatian export advertisers and brands to engage with an audience who come to the platform to discover new ideas to take action on. In this process, we will support them with our professional knowledge and experience, as we have done so far,” said Ivanka Mabic Gagic, Managing Director in Croatia

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