Do you want a job in public relations? Make sure you are the person we are looking for in Manjgura!

For the article, I was inspired by an unusual job advertisement, but also a series of applications that regularly come to, from people of different profiles, and experiences, and even from parents who send applications for their children. I’m not kidding.

Let’s go back to the unusual ad, which seeks the “Head of the Public Relations Office”, while the job description states: running social networks and making flyers. The employer either does not know what kind of person he needs, or he has a completely wrong perception of public relations. Some candidates who apply for agency jobs, believe that they can be PR consultants because “they listen well and always have good advice for their friends.” Again, I’m not kidding.

And to stay in a more serious tone, we will talk about Manjgura, our type of business, and the people who have created, developed, and still enjoy their careers as public relations consultants here. As in most agencies, the job description and the job itself depend on the candidate’s experience, so people who have only theoretical knowledge of PR, regardless of age, can start from the position of Public Relations Assistant. The tasks of the assistant are usually monitoring the media, arranging and updating the list of media, taking notes at meetings, knowledge of digital media and trends, making visual solutions, and drafting press releases. The purpose is to create a basis for tasks that will then be completed by seniors in the team, people with more games in their legs. In the first 25 years of Manjgura, people who worked as assistants in Manjgura often progressed to the position of consultants, and some are now owners of their own companies, heads of digital departments, or corporate communication.

A junior consultant in Manjgura becomes one with 1-3 years of experience in public relations, or possibly in the media, although we have had examples of someone becoming junior with less experience, but also that people with much more (even agency experience) were given and accepted the opportunity to be junior consultants. A person of this profile is ready to take responsibility for smaller projects and smaller clients, sovereignly and professionally, in writing and orally, talk to clients and business partners, and very importantly – ask constructive and specific questions on the topic being discussed, as well as think strategically about their tasks, looking at the bigger picture of the situation and the ultimate benefit for the client and the wider community. After the junior, follow the positions of consultant and senior consultant, and by the experience and the name of the job, the responsibility for the realization of projects and communication with clients grows.

Before we get into what Manjgura offers employees, I will name another characteristic that is sought after and is highly valued in every job, and especially in public relations – curiosity. And that natural curiosity, the urge to want to learn more about the topic, supplement your knowledge, and use it in further work. It is not a problem if you do not know, but the problem is if you do not have the instinct that this knowledge gap should be filled. This breadth of knowledge (general and political situations, trends, media image, good examples of the profession) is the easiest to achieve by following the media, which today offer us all this content in the palm of their hand. In short – if you do not have a natural interest in following the media of all categories, political orientations, and topics, it will be harder for you. Not just in Manjgura, but in any serious public relations agency.

Is Manjgura the employer you are looking for?

At any given time, approximately 10 public relations experts, ranging from assistants to the director, work diligently in Manjgura. The crisis that started with the COVID pandemic brought us some completely new and different projects with which we also grew and developed new skills.

There is a lot of work in Manjgura, probably more than elsewhere. But thanks to the extraordinary business results and efforts of the whole team, Manjgura, with regular contract salary (below in the picture you can see how we stand on this issue until 2020 – the average net salary paid in 2021 was more than 10,500 HRK) pays regular bonuses in the form of 13th or 14th salary, according to the financial results of the company and the individual contribution of each employee. In addition to the regular bonus, all employees, depending on personal engagement and results, participate in the distribution of profits for the business year (for 2021 about HRK 2.5 million before tax, while in 2020 it was also a high HRK 2.4 million).

Kretanje plaće u Manjguri u usporedbi s drugim agencijama

In addition, you can count on 26-27 days of vacation – a full 6 and a little over weeks (regular individual 20 days and 6-7 days of collective vacations for Christmas or long weekends).

Manjgura is friendly to mothers, so they have the necessary flexibility in working hours, and there is the possibility of paying a fee for kindergartens to parents, as well as a special gift for every child under 16 years of age.

When it comes to working equipment, there is no compromise, it is expected that every employee of the agency works on quality and comfortable equipment, from chairs to computers and ergonomic stands for the same. What is especially attractive to some is the possibility to choose a smartphone of your choice following the current offer of the telecom provider, while the difference in the price above HRK 2,500 to the price of the desired model is considered a bonus, which everyone has earned so far.

There are several other additional benefits such as supplementary health insurance, the possibility of paying into the third voluntary pension pillar as attractive savings, a special gift in kind for the holidays, and education of your choice (and we encourage you to educate yourself as much as possible). There is also membership in the Croatian Public Relations Association (HUOJ), as well as regular participation in professional conferences. There is no need to talk about benefits such as free fruit, coffee, and juices, although the team from Manjgura always appreciates cakes, gin, and various other delicacies that regularly find their way to Ede Murtića Street, so we eat healthy and varied food. 😊

With a lot of work and various financial benefits, working in Manjgura brings work on unusual projects and continuous education with mentoring and the possibility of own development and guidance. True, our projects can be very demanding and sometimes last after 5 pm, but this is the #AgencyLife, especially when you work in an agency that specialized in crisis communication.

If none of this scared you and if you work well, but really well in the Office suite, primarily Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, we look forward to meeting you! Write to us at – in addition to your CV, we are also expecting a motivation letter – with everything that does not fit in your CV and why you think that you are a potential future PR star who wants to work in Manjgura. This year, when we celebrate the first 25 years of work, you will certainly have the opportunity to participate in major projects.

And if you want to see what is offered elsewhere on the market, check out our list of PR agencies in Croatia.

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