Top 10 movies that everyone working in PR should watch

Although the concept of public relations has been present in the world for many years, there are still a large number of people who are not familiar with what exactly it means. So, what exactly are public relations, and what do PR professionals do? Public relations professionals help a company or individual nurture a positive reputation in the public through a variety of unpaid or earned communications, including traditional media, social media, and personal engagements. They also help clients defend their reputations during a crisis that threatens their credibility.

If you are interested in more about public relations, here is a list of the 10 best movies about this interesting and creative industry.

  1. Jerry Maguire

Tom Cruise’s character, Jerry Maguire, is a successful sports agent. He has everything: the biggest clientele, the most respect in the company, and a stunning fiancée. Until one night, when he begins to doubt his motives. He now accepts his place in the world and realizes what is wrong with his profession and life. He turns to the world with the almost difficult task of recreating what he once had. Along the way, he encounters the harsh reality he previously avoided, as well as a host of new challenges.

What makes this film so interesting is that Jerry Maguire challenges the stereotype of PR and represents exactly what a contemporary PR person should be.

  1. Wag the Dog

After being caught in a scandalous situation a few days before the election, the president does not seem to have a great chance of winning the election again. One of his advisers is contacting a top Hollywood producer to produce a war in Albania that the president can heroically end, all through the mass media.

It is a classic of PR and raises some interesting concerns about how PR and other factors can affect public perception and community sentiment.

  1. The Social Network

On a fall night in 2003, Harvard student and computer programming genius Mark Zuckerberg sits down at his computer and starts working hard on a new idea. In the fury of blogging and programming, what begins in his student room soon becomes a global social network and a revolution in communication. Just six years and 500 million friends later, Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in history… but for this entrepreneur, success leads to personal and legal complications.

Although the film is not directly related to the world of PR, it tells us about the impact of social networks on our daily lives, and it is these social networks that have also become one of the most important means of public relations.

  1. Our Brand is Crisis

Bolivian politician Pedro Gallo hires James Carville’s political consultancy to help him win the 2002 Bolivian presidential election. James brings Jane Bodine to run a campaign in Bolivia, where she must compete with a longtime rival running for another candidate.

This exciting film introduces us to the world of crisis management, so if you are interested in what to do (or not do) about branding, then this is the movie for you.

  1. Thank You For Smoking

The striking Nick Naylor is an ingenious and eloquent spokesman for a large tobacco company of an elderly tycoon named Captain and an experienced BR businessman. At the same time, he is a man with a messy private life behind which a failed marriage, and he tries to be a role model to his son.

The 2005 film perfectly demonstrates the power of good branding, and skillful communication so that something completely negative like smoking can be portrayed in a positive light.

  1. Nixon

A biographical story of former US President Richard Nixon, from his boyhood days to his eventual presidency, which ends in disgrace.

We present another film in which PR and politics merge. Anthony Hopkins takes the lead role of President Richard Nixon in this biographical film, which demonstrates the President’s skills as a political operator, taking advantage of the reaction provided by the anti-war movement to take over the 1968 presidency.

  1. The Queen

Diana, the “People’s Princess”, died in a car accident in Paris. The Queen (Dame Helen Mirren) and her family decide that at best they should remain hidden behind the closed doors of Balmoral Castle. The people with broken hearts do not understand and ask the queen to comfort her people. This also puts pressure on newly elected Tony Blair (Michael Sheen), who is constantly trying to persuade the Queen to address the public.

Another great example of a film about crisis management, and the importance of the correct response of high political figures in difficult situations.

  1. Man of the Year

The comedian who hosts the news of the satirical program decides to run for president and wins thanks to a computer malfunction.

An interesting example of a media campaign in political elections. An extraordinary candidate completely breaks the stereotype about the seriousness of politicians. He avoids boring speeches and turns his discussions into a funny TV show.

  1. Bulworth

Senator Jay Bulworth is facing financial ruin, so he takes out a large insurance policy to raise money for his family. Suddenly he begins to throw out raw, unfiltered, and sometimes offensive words, but satirical in spirit thoughts that shock the audience. His newly discovered unfettered news and a new relationship with Nina lead him on a journey of political and spiritual renewal.

This is a film about the revolutionary election campaign of Senator Bulworth, who is beginning to criticize not only his opponent’s campaign but also his own, something that brings him truly unexpected PR results.

  1. The Ides of March

As Ohio’s Democratic main goal approaches, charming Gov. Mike Morris (George Clooney) looks like a candidate to win over his opponent, Senator Pullman (Michael Mantell). Morris’ idealistic campaign leader, Stephen Meyers (Ryan Gosling), believes in the integrity of his candidate and the democratic process. But Meyers’ meeting with Pullman’s campaign manager (Paul Giamatti) and socializing with the young intern (Evan Rachel Wood) triggered events that threatened Morris’ election chances.

Finally, we bring you a film that raises the question of whether it is possible for any candidate to win and remain true to their original values.


Although PR and journalism seem to be two sides of the conflict, they have a lot in common, and they depend a lot on each other. If you want to watch a few more good films, we bring you films about the world of journalism and the newsroom that are definitely worth watching.

  1. The Post
  2. The Devil Wears Prada
  3. The Paper
  4. All the President’s Men
  5. Frost/Nixon
  6. Spotlight
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