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What it takes to work in a relevant PR agency, how to solve the crisis, what is a spin, and how to do PR in general – these are the questions answered in a series of online lectures by one of the most famous Croatian public relations experts – Krešimir Macan.

A frequent speaker in the media, expert lecturer, “spin doctor” and director of Manjgura, Krešimir Macan is a brand itself, and one of the few experts who does not hesitate to try a new approach in PR. Behind the director of Manjgura is many years of experience – from working with foreign journalists in the Ministry of Information during the Croatian War of Independence in the 1990s, the position of director of corporate communications and HRT spokesman, and later adviser to two Croatian prime ministers, to the establishment of his own agency Manjgura – which is still growing today, brings together top experts and has been operating successfully for 25 years.

There is a lot to learn from Krešo, so in cooperation with the new educational platform Skill Box, he recorded 14 video lectures in which he reveals the secrets of his success and the formula for good public relations. Some of the topics of his lectures are: Knock on the door and say “I would work for you”; public relations in Croatia and the region; how to determine how much an agency service is worth and how to set prices; how to get the first client and gain its trust; marketing campaign on the example of an election campaign; why everything should be set strategically, even crisis communication; etc.

You can see what it looks like in the free 3rd lesson “Public Relations (PR) in Croatia and the region”.

What is a Skill Box?

Skill Box is an online educational platform where the best of the bests share their experiences, knowledge, and skills firsthand through a series of video lectures. The platform was launched by Lida Hamar Paladin and Ivana Radovniković Marković, editors and producers of the platform, but also longtime friends, united in a common goal to gather quality knowledge from the best and make it available in one place.

You can access Krešo’s lectures on Skill Box here, and what Lida and Ivana had to say for Media Marketing about their latest project, read on the link Lida Hamar Paladin and Ivana Radovniković Marković: We are aware of how demanding Skill Box is, but we don’t have time to think about its scope and complexity!

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