Manjgura won the regional Grand PRix for crisis communication for the project of bringing tourists to Croatia after lockdown

When Paul Bradbury asked me to go with him a little less than a year ago to check on the opening of Croatian borders for tourists, after the first lockdown in Europe caused by coronavirus, I could not imagine writing this tonight.

Today we won the Grand PRix for the crisis communication project for tourists who have wanted to come to Croatia since May last year (along with two other strong second places for the Rakoborci project in the Grand PRix finals). 2020 was generally a good year for – in a year that had no idea of ​​success, they grew 100%.

We have become a “virtual reception” of Croatia and I must take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed through their volunteer work to winning this award and recognition of the colleagues. When the regional jury asked me – why did you do it voluntarily – I answered: “Once you start answering, you can’t stop, people keep asking something and you can’t leave them without information once they set off for Croatia“. See more about how we managed to organize and survive in the presentation.

Here is what Paul has to say after winning it TCTI Viber Community, Manjgura, Mediacor Wins 2021 Crisis Management PR Grand Prix.

And this can happen only in Croatia, while the region takes their hat off and says all the best, Croatia is suing you because you told someone to do their job – CNTB sued a British blogger who promotes our tourism. The Minister is now demanding clarification from the CNTB.

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