Top media in Croatia to pitch a business story: A ChatGPT vs PR agency comparison

Where to start from, after you decided to pitch a story about your service, product or investment, is one of the main questions arising when your business becomes ready for the market. If you need a special advice on the top-tier media in Croatia, options are numerous, but you probably don’t want to waste resources on efforts with uncertain outcomes. Moreover, you want the best value for your money and a guarantee you’ll see results. Fast. This is where PR consultants come. Or ChatGPT, if you think you can do it ‘’yourself’’ and want to implement this hot new AI stuff in your business.

Whether you do business, energy, healthcare, lifestyle or sport, you need a smart and reliable guidance on the best media that will work for you in Croatia. So, let’s check what ChatGPT, chatbot launched by American artificial intelligence research laboratory OpenAI, suggests. And then, let’s compare the answers with an advice of (human) PR consultants, who gained rich experience working in media or/and PR agency for years. Finally, let’s see the difference and learn from it.

Top five or ten mainstream media

For the purpose of this mini-research, we asked ChatGPT what are the top media in Croatia to pitch a business story, an energy story, a healthcare story, a lifestyle story, and a sports story. Surprisingly, the majority of the answers were the same for all five sectors – which was the first sign that something is strange, or better say, incomplete, in these AI generated results.

Most of the ChatGPT suggestions referred to the same five media:

  • Jutarnji list newspaper
  • Večernji list newspaper
  • HRT (Croatian radio-television, the national public broadcaster)
  • N1, Croatian 24-hour cable news channel
  • Tportal (a Croatian news portal that covers wide range of topics)

In each query, regardless of the sector, those five would repeat, and the difference would appear only in the last one or two media suggested.

While these choices are quite OK, they don’t necessarily ensure a huge reach that can achieve, i.e., a multimedia platform gathered around the commercial national TV channel Nova TV, with different TV channels, wide range of websites and strong social media profiles united. Other strong media that ChatGPT skips to mention is 24sata, a multimedia platform which units the best-selling newspaper, the most visited websites and their highly developed social media content.

So, if you ask us, we would (also) go for:

However, for some specific businesses and projects, even better choice can be specialized media, with smaller reach but with a stronger influence on your targeted group. And this is where the PR specialists advise and field knowledge become crucial.

Top niche media to go for

As mentioned above, the last one or two top media in Croatia suggested in ChatGPT’s recommendations refer to the niche media, meant to cover the themes specialized for a particular sector. Therefore, the bot suggests Poslovni dnevnik newspaper for business, ‘’energy portal’’ for energy sector, ‘’Medicus’’ magazine and ‘’Liječnički vjesnik’’ journal for healthcare, ‘’Story’’ and ‘’Cosmopolitan’’ magazines for lifestyle, ‘’Sportnet’’ and ‘’Sportske TV’’ for sports.

Here is what is lacking in some of these choices. There is no such website in Croatia called ‘’Energy portal’’, but there are a couple of websites covering energy topics, such as and Despite the fact that Sportska TV is wrongly named, there are some other relevant media with even bigger reach and influence then the ones that Chat GPT outlined as the top sports media (such as Sportske novosti, Index Sport,…).  Similar goes for healthcare and lifestyle – some other media could definitely be a better choice.

And depending on the business or message you want to promote, an article on portals like, or a regional portal can be just as good, not to mention niche media as ICT business info, Bug, Netokracija, or Gloria.

Follow the journalists

Sometimes, the journalist or the author of the story is more important than the media itself. One can move from one media to another, and yours/ours is to follow him, because he carries his knowledge and reputation wherever he goes. Examples of important business journalist to follow are Marko Biočina, who moved from Jutarnji list to Nova TV, and Bernard Ivezić, who moved from Poslovni dnevnik to Jutarnji list.

Combine smart for a successful story

Finally, common recommendation for all sectors given by ChatGPT is to check the media’s website, social media and the focus of their content to ensure that the story is relevant for them. For this job you can surely use an eye of a PR consultant. So, while ChatGPT could present a serious threat for some professions, for PR it can serve as a good assistant tool, but using it still requires guidance from an experienced PR consultant.

We didn’t make this analysis because we are scared to death of losing our jobs or to act smarter than AI. We did it because of couple of reasons – our natural curiosity, our passion for new technologies and our striving to deliver high-value results and high-quality service. Human intelligence and artificial intelligence combined smart, altogether, can make your story success!

If you need a thorough insight in Croatian media landscape, feel free to contact us on e-mail

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