Celebrating #ourfirst25!


This year Manjgura is celebrating 25 years of work! From its founding in 1997, when the concept of PR was still relatively unknown, until today – without false modesty we can say that we have regularly been and continue to be leaders in innovation and a culture of successful communication.

We have done a bunch of projects through which we have not forgotten to invest in our professional skills and knowledge. Manjgura accepted every new project as the most important, especially those that seemed too challenging at first glance and that few would dare to deal with.

In 25 years of work, the agency has cooperated with hundreds of domestic and foreign companies and individuals through strategic and crisis communication, providing the best of communications. Today we have a community of satisfied and loyal clients who, with our help, continue to tell their stories successfully.

In addition to strategic communication, Manjgura’s signature was behind several successful social responsibility projects. Among other things, we are behind the program of implementation of internships for people with physical disabilities “STARTUP”. We are especially proud of the Rakoborci project, which Manjgura conducted for The Coalition of Associations in Healthcare and the SVE za NJU association.

During the pandemic, we developed our project “We help small producers”, where we supported the work of small Croatian traders and farmers through their communication channels when working in pandemic conditions that put them in front of a wall.


When it was hardest, Manjgura showed how to be the best. This was also shown by the last period marked by the pandemic in which we grew 100 percent! – when everyone stagnated or fell. Manjgura’s success in a “not intended for success” year was all the greater as the business doubled when it was expected to decline. In the circumstances of the “new normal”, in addition to regular business, we managed to develop a set of tools adapted to market requirements through a pandemic.

Manjgura has always been one step ahead of others and due to the innovative and curious view of the world (manjgura means “girl” in Dubrovnik’s dialect), has always approached all campaigns, demands, and problems that were presented to her no matter how challenging they were.

As an innovator in public relations in Croatia, Manjgura was one of the first agencies to conduct media training, sharing experience and knowledge through examples from their practice. The agency was also the first to use digital media as a powerful tool in PR campaigns. This is, of course, recognized by the profession, as evidenced by numerous international and regional awards in the field of public relations.

Our little girl is now a beautiful 25-year-old. Such a special occasion requires its special edition, and the Dubrovnik girl will get a new hairstyle and continue to shine in the world of public relations.


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