IPRA Golden World Awards held in Croatia for the first time: Manjgura hosts prestigious award jurying

The final judging of this year’s prestigious International Public Relations Association Golden World Awards (IPRA GWA) will be held in Croatia for the first time, specifically in Zagreb. From July 3rd to 5th, 2024, the Esplanade Hotel will become the gathering center for top public relations professionals from around the world. The host of this significant event in the communications world is Manjgura, a Croatian public relations agency founded and directed by Krešimir Macan, who also serves as a member of the IPRA GWA jury. This represents a major achievement for the Croatian PR scene, especially as fellow jury member Marina Bolanča Radunović from the agency Abeceda komunikacija will also be participating.

“I am proud that IPRA, as an international organization, has recognized that our region boasts exceptional professionals and experts, keeping pace with the world. For two decades, I have been following the work of my colleagues in the region, and based on the results achieved by our industry, I confidently supported the proposal and decision to host the final GWA jury session in Zagreb as the President of IPRA. Croatia has received numerous international accolades, including IPRA GWA awards“, says Nataša Pavlović Bujas, President of IPRA.

She is particularly pleased that this year’s first IPRA event in Croatia is hosted by the Manjgura agency and Krešimir Macan, who, she notes, “have demonstrated consistency, responsibility, and transparency in their work over many years, along with exceptional collegiality and openness to cooperation within the region, which we all now need to showcase to the world.”

Known as the world’s PR Oscars, the IPRA Golden World Awards competition was launched in 1990 and has since been promoting excellence in the PR industry. “The GWA is the world’s oldest global PR competition. We now have 38 categories to enter and treat agencies and in-house separately. Entries are judged by five criteria: problem or opportunity, research, planning, execution, and results. This year, we have entries from all over the world, from Argentina to Japan, from Croatia to Kazakhstan”, revealed IPRA Secretary General Philip Sheppard.

The GWA jury is composed of leading experts from around the world, including representatives from companies, agencies, associations, institutions, and universities. Along with Macan, this year’s jury member from Croatia is Marina Bolanča from the Abeceda komunikacije agency. Their involvement at the international level further confirms the growing reputation of the Croatian PR industry on the global stage.

IPRA is the leading international public relations association, founded in 1955 with the mission of promoting reliable communication and ethical practices in public relations. Hosting this prestigious event in Zagreb is not only a recognition of Croatian PR professionals but also an opportunity for Croatia to position itself as a hub of excellence in the communications industry.

In 2021, Manjgura was a finalist for the IPRA GWA with two successful projects. You can read more about these projects on the Manjgura blog Manjgura is in the finals for four of the most prestigious public relations awards.

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