Manjgura’s new outfit for its 25th birthday!

This year, Manjgura is celebrating 25 years, as part of which its previous branding has been refreshed.

What is Manjgura anyway? Many people know about the agency, but mostly only experts know the meaning behind the name. The story of how Manjgura came to be – both the agency and the name – in an earlier blog Why is Manjgura called that and not something else? described the founder Krešimir Macan.

Few people understand Manjgura’s logo, but as with everything, creating a logo wanted to achieve more contradictory things, as is often the case behind this agency: Manjgura, a girl who metaphorically represents an agency is sometimes good and sometimes mischievous – sometimes she will fix things, and sometimes maybe stir things up a little. Although all this may not be clear to you at first glance at the logo, the choice of the founder was to stay brave, daring, and different, so this branding has its own, unprecedented rules.

Behind the entire branding of Manjgura is the design studio iDEO, which, in addition to designing the basic concept of Manjgura’s original brand, redesigned the logo for the 20th year, and has now made another step forward for its 25th birthday.

Manjgura is no longer a little girl, so 25 years later she decided to freshen up her wardrobe and put on new, silver clothing, as befits a silver anniversary.

Here’s how Manjgura transformed:

The new logo retains its recognizable identity, adding a touch of classicism, which iDEO has achieved by changing Manjgura’s hairstyle from gray to silver.

An additional logo option with a visual element “25” was specially created to highlight the jubilee, with the already recognizable Manjgura font, and a bubble for a hint of provocation and to attract readers’ attention (if you haven’t noticed right away, Manjgura is therefore placed “in the shadows” in this logo.)

In addition to the basic logo, in the promotion of activities for 25 years, Manjgura has new elements for social networks and accompanying “fireworks” to emphasize that, of course, Manjgura’s birthday – we celebrate.

Although companies used to last for a long time, today there are many more that last only a few years and then disappear, are sold/bought, or transformed into something else, so companies that have survived, especially in this business, even 25 long years, really deserve a special status. We believe the same is true for Manjgura.

Thanks to the team from the iDEO company for creating a great concept for the new Manjgura outfit, which she will wear throughout 2022.

And find out all the activities that Manjgura is preparing for you on the occasion of its birthday in 2022, by following our blog posts.

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