Students under the expert supervision of Krešimir Macan devise a strategy for the promotion of the Paketomat service

How to promote the Croatian Post Paketomat, increase the number of users, and find optimal locations, are questions for students of Zagreb business faculties, who will compete under the mentorship of their professors for the best marketing strategy in promoting the Croatian Post Paketomat service under the expert supervision of our Krešimir Macan.

The student competition is part of the socially responsible project of the Poslovni dnevnik “Hrvatska pamet Hrvatskoj”, which was founded by Poslovni dnevnik in 2014 to reward the excellence of Croatian students, but also to encourage their easier inclusion in the labor market and raising awareness of the need to retain educated youth in Croatia. This year, students from the Zagreb School of Business, the Algebra University, and the Zagreb School of Economics and Management are participating in the competition.

Students face a real market challenge – Croatian Post wants to raise the visibility of its new service, which is always working, easy to use, and prevents waiting in line but is relatively unknown to citizens. As part of the assignment, students are asked to devise solutions to encourage more people, especially those who have not used parcel machines so far, to become users of this service. It should be examined how much the parcel machine project is recognized by the public and how people perceive it. Also, they analyze how people receive, how much, why, and in what way they receive and send packages.

In all these activities, they will be mentored by their professors, with the expert supervision of Krešimir Macan, director of Manjgura, who gave the students a few tips from the very beginning:

One should always look at the bigger picture and not assume that everyone works like us. People from the Croatian Post deal with the package strategy every day and think that everyone else deals and understands the same or similar, but the fact is that this is not the case. Everyone wants the package to reach their home“, he said.

The advice to the students was also how to focus on the experiences and needs of each target group – young people generally do not watch television and should focus on the channels they use.

The interest of users and the company should be taken into account in solving the problem. It is easier for the post office to handle packages via parcel machines, but it is necessary to examine whether this is the optimal solution for users as well? The strategy should always be done taking into account the interests and needs of users “, he added.

Krešimir Macan also pointed out that habits are difficult to change and that the strategy should be focused on solving users’ problems, ie on the question of what will encourage them to use the parcel machine.

As many users as possible need to be introduced to this service. But it is also important to teach citizens where parcel machines are located because if they don’t know, they can’t even think about using them. The post office involved students in the development of this idea because they are unencumbered by stereotypes. Every new service takes time to come to life. We all have smartphones, but if we analyzed things a little, we would see and wonder how much we use these devices smartly, and how much in the old way as the old “stupid” phones “, concluded Krešo.

The work on the task will last for two months, after which the finalists will be selected. All activities related to the project, from the first joint meeting where the sponsor defines the task, and the tour of institutions, to the final selection and award ceremony, will be followed by editorials on the platforms of Poslovni dnevnik and Večernji list. See what the first lecture looked like below:


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