Why is Manjgura called that and not something else?

On the occasion of #ourfirst25, we finally managed to find and scan some documents from history, which we are now bringing to you exclusively.

When you give a company name it is always some combination of something unique and something that you like (like the owner’s initials haha) and behind which stands some story. It was also the case with Manjgura, although, in the beginning, the name of the company was not supposed to be that.

Somehow you are always attached to those beautiful times of primary and high school, so we also remember those carefree times until 1988, when we published, among other things, various school magazines. They were handmade and photocopied depending on who had a better sponsor, copier, and also a computer. Back then, the highlight of school magazine preparation was printing text on an Apple IIc, if you remember it at all. But to cut a long story short, the most beautiful class in the field of culture, exclusively manjguras – girls, made their own magazine and of course called it Manjgura, to which we, computer scientists from the second shift, responded and made two issues of Manjak – boy. Who are the “manjguras” behind Manjgura, check for yourself (there are very interesting faces there), and I will tell you who were “manjci” in this story.

The newspaper was mostly composed by Zoran Pucarić and me, while Marko Dabrović, today a distinguished architect from 3LHD, was in charge of most of the original illustrations. The rest we borrowed from the editions of Studio (I later realized that these were mostly illustrations by Mirko Ilić :-), and sexy cartoons from a French version of Playboy – Lui. We will write down the details if anyone remembers them :-), but we published two issues and we didn’t lose a dinar – we somehow covered everything, even though we had to censor ourselves for the first time. You will easily recognize these parts. Even today I remember when the director asked us if the statement “heaps of oxen together – the teachers’ chamber” in a funny text, means that my mother (a Croatian teacher at the same school) is an ox – to which we then grinned and answered that of course, she wasn’t – that she was a cow :-). We still had to censor it 🙂 There were more levels of self-censorship, so it’s good that something came out.

In any case, this was our first entrepreneurial attempt, sometime in 1986, which succeeded, so in memory of this great success, Zoran and I wanted to call the company Manjak, like us guys (who drink standing up – the famous hit of the Dubrovnik troubadours). However, the judge of the Commercial Court in Zagreb did not like our prank to call the business consulting company Manjak at all and ordered us to change the name urgently, stating that “If I allow this, what will be next – Fraud d.o.o.? Give another name that is not in the register”. And so we were squeezed by deadlines and told: “Then let it be Manjgura, you certainly don’t have that in the court register”, and so on November 20, 2017. Manjgura was born, now a beautiful 25-year-old.

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