Gold and silver for Manjgura’s projects in the finals of the international award The! Awards!

This is definitely a celebration year for us, as in addition to the 25th birthday and two Grand PRix awards for the best communication projects we won earlier, we are now also celebrating two international The! Awards! that Manjgura won in two categories!

The project of the first public interactive exhibition about diabetes in Croatia “Diabetes under control” was awarded with gold in the category of public relations in institutions, associations and NGOs, while in the category of political communication the silver award was given to Marko Filipović’s political campaign (SDP) for mayor of Rijeka in local elections of 2021.

The interactive exhibition which took place at Zagreb’s Cvjetni Square in November 2021, Manjgura designed and realized for Zagreb Diabetes Society with the aim to educate and raise awareness about prevention and effective diabetes control. This was the first innovative digital solution implemented with DOOH format for outdoor advertising by Go2Digital.

Marko Filipović’s (SDP) very challenging and at times uncertain campaign for mayor of Rijeka, led by Krešimir Macan, Manjgura owner and a prominent regional adviser for elections, won two prestigious awards in addition to achieving the best possible result – the mayoral position.

Kresimir Macan osvojio nagradu Grand PRIX

Kresimir Macan and Maja Pekeč received Grand PRix Award for their projects

Namely, the same projects won two Grand Prix Awards of the Croatian Public Relations Association (HUOJ) this year, for the best communication achievements in 2021.

“When Manjgura’s projects win two very important awards in a row, in the year when we celebrate the great 25th birthday, we know that we are on the right path and doing good things. We approach each of our projects with equal zeal, and with great experience and inexhaustible energy that we invest every day – this is our winning combination. This has been a very successful and fruitful year so far, and you will soon see for yourself what else awaits us! ”, said Krešimir Macan.

We are grateful to our clients for the trust and openness for our, sometimes slightly shifted, ideas and successful realizations, because without you we would not be who we are – every day more experienced and even more creative. 😊

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