Manjgura in the finals of the HUOJ Grand PRix with the “Sales Mindset: The Wolf Strikes Again” conference

The Croatian Public Relations Association (HUOJ) is awarding the 17th annual Grand PRix this year. Among the projects that have made it to the competition finals is the conference “Sales Mindset: The Wolf Strikes Again” by the client Sales Mindset, for whom Manjgura provided communication support. The arrival of Jordan Belfort in Zagreb to promote the Sales Mindset Club is a finalist in the event organization and communication category.

The event held on November 17, 2023 in the packed largest hall of the Mozaik Event Center exceeded all expectations and set goals. The main star was the real Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, a former broker and sales guru, accompanied by other well-known speakers from the business, leadership, and marketing world such as Daniel Disney, Mila Litvinjenko, Ajdin Brković, Nemanja Antić, Natko Beck, Vanja Ljevar, and others. The Sales Mindset platform, which provides education and development of new sales and networking skills, is run by Saša Tenodi and Vedran Sorić. Their partner on the project, serial entrepreneur Ognjen Bagatin, highlighted the positive experience of working with Manjgura.

“The partnership we had with Manjgura through the collaboration on the project for the Sales Mindset: The Wolf Strikes Again conference is something I have never experienced in organizing a conference. The Manjgura team was always proactive, full of suggestions, and available for tasks beyond the initially agreed ones. They guided us to ensure that the conference with Jordan Belfort was one of the best PR-executed events ever. Thank you, Manjgura, for supporting us on this phenomenal project!”

The Manjgura team, under the watchful eye of director Krešimir Macan, included Anamarija Hrvoić Đurić, Marja Čolak, and Dora Novak.

The HUOJ Grand PRix (Croatian Public Relations Association) is also awarded for projects by large trading companies, internal communication, digital communication, integrated campaigns, corporate social responsibility, and other categories. The finalists’ exhibition will be held on March 26, 2024, where representatives of 46 projects will have the opportunity to convince the jury that they deserve to win this prestigious award.

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